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The coach plays all the star players on my ten-year-old son's baseball team, playing the other kids only the required 2 innings. What can or should I do?


Steve Virgilio Replied: You are in a very difficult situation, the standard of "required 2-inning play for all" are set at the beginning of the season. If he is not one of the better players he may find himself on the bench quite a bit throughout the season. This may not bother him since he may find pleasure in being a part of the team and relating to his peer group. Carefully examine your child's feelings about this issue - -is he happy?, is he having fun? It is very possible to teach your child about the true benefits of sport, and not leave it up to a Little League organization or volunteer coach - this will take some patience and understanding on your part, but worth the effort. Try these strategies: 1) Never discuss your child's performance after a game - make general comments, " Good Game". 2) Never complain about playing time in front of your child. 3) Show your support by attending all games, and be a positive spectator. 4) Talk about baseball with your child, and take them to a local high school or college game. 5) Get to know the coach better - this is a casual way of letting the coach know you are interested in your child's progress. If you find he is a "win at any cost" type of coach, you may want to express your feelings in private. 6) Play ball with your child - simple games of catch are fine. This will show your child that you care about his interest in baseball, regardless of his current level of play. 7) When your child feels down about not playing so much, striking out, or making an error - remind them that it is only a game, then find something to say positive about their personal characteristics such as," I liked the way you supported Bobby when he struck out, I know he appreciated that - you are a great team player"
Posted On 2004-04-04 19:41:10
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