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Multiplicity of opinion in child development
U. S. Patents 6,193,518 and 6,482,012

Parental Wisdom offers truly valuable and unique content…
Imagine a place where you could be anonymous, ask all your parenting questions, and where you, the real expert in knowing your child best, is given opinions from multiple trusted, credible sources where you get to choose which advice works best for your child or unique situation. Imagine that it is free, and you are anonymous.

You have a good imagination.
In addition to multiple answers, we also include books and other websites that further respond to your question.
Like your children, this concept is unique, but ours is patented. Trademarks & Certification Marks

  1. Parental Wisdom® - trademark and brand name
  2. Because Kids Don't Come With Manuals® - title of a book of the same name
  3. Project Imagine!® - a program developed for middle school age students and their parents to connect on a new level as they explore various career options.
  4. Park Bench® - a discussion forum which breaks down parenting challenges and offers solutions and ideas. These discussions can take place on the phone, online on the radio or in person
  5. Good Parentingcm – a certification mark awarded by the U.S. Patent office where Parental Wisdom members evaluate parenting books to determine if the content is helpful and provides actionable ideas that parents can use.
  6. Happy Tearstm - a trademark for a line of parenting cards
  7. The Parental Wisdom logo

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