Park Bench®

Earlier generations relied on the "village" as a way to raise children. Groups of families lived together and helped with child rearing. Today, families live farther apart, and that built-in support system no longer exists, while the challenges associated to raising children have significantly increased. The problems are getting tougher, and parents feel more alone.

With Park Bench®, parents aren’t alone. An open dialogue will present all sides of an issue, empowering parents to solve problems and make lasting changes.

What we envisioned with Park Bench® was a place where you could sit and talk with the benefit of numerous experts.

Welcome to Park Bench®!

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(Duration :43:35)
Maggie Macaulay - Have The Best Summer Ever
(Duration :52:28)
Dr. Vicki Panaccione - Dealing With Anger
(Duration :36:47)
Rosalind Sedacca - Child Centered Divorce
(Duration :53:27)
Naomi Drew - Role Modeling Peace
(Duration :38:07)
Dr. Toy - How To Choose Childrens Toys
(Duration :1:54)
Introduction to Park Bench®
(Duration :47:22)
Are We Feeding Our Children to Death
(Duration :43:07)
Coloring Outside The Lines