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I have a son as a result of a previous relationship. I assume financial responsibility, stay in touch and visit with him (he lives far away with his mom) when I can. My question is that I have since married and have two children, now 5 and 3 that see pictures of my son around the house. When should I introduce the topic of my son and how can I explain this to my younger children?


Debra Brooks Replied: Since you did not make this part of their life from the very beginning, the best way to introduce this topic is not to "explain" it. As your children ask questions, answer them as truthfully as you can, while being age appropriate. Your children have no need to know all of the details at this age. Don't make this too complicated. All they may really want to know is…… "Who is that boy in the picture"? Keep your answers simple.
Posted On 2011-04-17 21:45:25
Jim Taylor, Ph.D. Replied: As someone with children the same age as yours, I think they are not only ready to learn that they have an older brother, but they would be thrilled by the news. The chances are that your children have friends with step siblings, so I doubt it would be odd or uncomfortable for them. Of course, your children would likely want to meet their big brother, which I also think would be great if he wants to meet them. Blended families are as common as can be these days. I see no downside to your children being told about their stepbrother.
Posted On 2011-04-14 11:57:58
Maureen Whitehouse Replied: Now is the perfect time to let your five and threee year old children know that they have a big brother. This can be a thrilling revelation for them. Youg children care much more about sharing love, than they do judging situations. They innately feel the more you give love, the more you recieve - so, the more the merrier! This situation can add an exciting new dimention to their lives - to everyone in your families lives. I do feel it's just as important to consider what your older son may feel about now being invited into your family in a more tangible way. You may want to speak with him prior to telling your younger children that they have an older brother. And perhaps the two of you can come up with a fun plan together as to how you can surprise his siblings with the news. No matter what you decide - know that you are blessed and fortunate to have three chilren with whom you get to share so much love!
Posted On 2011-04-13 18:38:56
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