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With the summer coming I love to expose my children to new things but it is so hard to get them to try things. I want them to experience reading, activity, music and new places. But everything is met with a struggle. It's tough to keep trying. Any ideas?


Sharon Buchalter Replied: I agree that it is important to expose your children to new things. Be sure, however, not to overdo it. Depending on your child's age, too much stimulus is not always a good thing. You must keep in mind the age and temperament of the child. If you see that your child takes a liking to sports, consider a camp that offers a wide variety of sports to see what your child likes best. The following year, you will have a better idea of the specific sport your child has an interest in. Reading is important for every child. I recommend an age-appropriate book per week. Depending on the age of your child, you can read with him or sit down when he's done reading the book and discuss it. Get your child involved in the decision making. If you pick and choose activities for him, he may feel resentful and not want to go. If you get a sense for what his interests are and have him help you research various activities that may be good for him, you will be amazed at how excited your child will get when it comes to participating. Children are like sponges- they absorb everything around them. Give them a say and have them help in the decision making process and see how great the results will be. Best of luck to you.
Posted On 2010-06-22 00:12:58
Ellen Gibran-Hesse Replied: I am assuming your children are not teenagers but some of this can apply to that age too. Some children are more home bodies and need a lot of down time. You will have to inspire them. Have a talk about things that they would like to do. I used to take my sons on trips to great cities and plan to see and do a lot. At one point, as they were getting older, I discovered they wanted input into the vacation or activity. Once you have a meeting about what they like, build in a little music or get books or magazines to have them read and plan it out. As they share research or new facts and ideas, give them a pat on the back for sharing. The trick is to find things that interest them and learn to compromise with others about trips and activities. These are great opportunities for interaction and learning who they are becoming. If the activity doesn't appeal, then let the compromiser chose where to eat. You'll get good at this over time and have some really great summer memories!
Posted On 2010-06-20 21:48:22
Valerie Broughton Replied: What activities do you like to do? When we sign kids up for stuff they didn't ask for, they may feel like we're doing something "to" them. When we include them in the activities we like to do, like reading, music and new places, they may be more positive feeling like we're doing something "with" them.
Posted On 2010-06-20 16:41:24
Stephen Jones Replied: I suggest that you come up with a list of categories of things that they can do. They can make recommendations and you can decide on one or two activities from each category. Your catagories might include music, play, sports events and museums etc. We do not always tell our children where we are taking the. We want it to be a surprise.
Posted On 2010-06-07 21:10:10
Charlie Seymour Jr Replied: Perhaps you can make it a game... so many points a week for experiencing new things. And at the end of the month, special rewards are giving for the number of points. I'd show them the points for each activity and the chart of points that add up to the bonuses so they can see what they are aiming at. For instance, "Read a chapter in a book" is 3 points, "visit a new place with Mom or Dad for an hour" is 5 points, "doing some good, physical activity outside for 15 mins" is 2 points, etc. And the "rewards" at the end of the month are "movie of your choice - 20 points, Mom makes your bed one day - 18 points, dessert of your choice (select a few things that you already approve like a trip to Dairy Queen, Ritas, etc) - 23 points" and so forth. Often when it's fun, they play along. Oh... and be sure to POST the game where everyone can see it and have them get your permission to fill in their score after each event. Get them to physically pick up the marker - that participation is important to getting the results you want. Hope this helps!
Posted On 2010-06-06 09:20:41
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