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I was wondering how to have multiple drivers reimburse for gas used in a vehicle? How do you keep track of gas consumption, or should I just charge a flat amount monthly (this could be 'unfair' if usage varies). My daughter is home from college and my son is now driving. Since we live in a small town, bussing is not an option. I have purchased a good safe second hand car for them to share. I need to come up with a fair and easy to use system. If it is a log of mileage how will they first of all remember to log mileage and second do it honestly (we must assume the second). They both have paid a portion of car insurance- my daughter her first year, then she went off to college, and my son this year his first year. Any ideas? Thank you. I will also put it to them for a solution but wanted ideas first.


Charlie Seymour Jr Replied: I guess the answer depends on why you want to do this in the first place. Is it a lesson in the value of money? Do your kids pay for everything they "consume" because that's how your finances work? Do those returning home pay rent? I think once you figure that out, the "system" will present itself. If it's a log book, one way is to keep it in the car and the odometer reading is marked down each time they start off. OR keep it inside and ask them to write down everything they finish a trip - and if they take the car out on day 3 and nothing is written down, there is an automatic $10 charge... something like that. OR... don't base it on miles at all and ask them to do something else around the house each week to "earn" their driving time. Hope that helps.
Posted On 2010-06-01 08:36:09
Lou Longo Replied: Siblings and sharing can always pose challenges but I like your own recommendation in your last line of the question the best where you will put the solution to the kids. Ask them to come up with a solution that they can both agree upon and that you also feel is fair. I would then recommend that should arguments or complaints come up between the two, you will serve as the arbitrator and your most common decision will be that nobody uses the car for a certain period of time. If they are having trouble coming up with a process, you could to offer ideas such as how rental agencies do it where you must bring in back with a full tank each time. The best part about them coming up with the plan is that they then take accountability for it. Good luck.
Posted On 2010-05-31 20:20:02
Naomi Drew Replied: Having them come up with a viable solution (with your guidance) is your best bet. Kids are more apt to follow through on agreements they come up with, but be sure you're involved too. I suggest having a family meeting where you all sit down together and discuss the goal of equitably sharing the car. But have everyone involved agree to interact with respect, fairness, and willingness to hear out the other person. Ask for suggestions, and try to keep it simple. If the plan is too complicated, it'll probably fall apart. Give input, but mainly guide them to come up with a fair plan. Then write it up and have them sign it. Agree to meet again in a week to check in, see how well the system is working, and perhaps make revisions. And don't forget to affirm them for any positives you've seen in how they've honored the plan they came up with (fairness, flexibility, integrity, kindness.) Good luck and enjoy the process! Let them know you trust them, and know they w
Posted On 2010-05-29 11:12:29
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