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My 6 year old daughter has sensory integration difficulties (an overresponder with touch sensitivity to be exact). Fortunately, OT has helped considerably. Her ability to self-regulate is wonderful. My problem is that at night - on the cusp of sleep - she gets itchy all over. I can be sure that when this begins, she will be asleep within 3 minutes. This drives her crazy. In fact, she begs me to take her to the doctor (who by the way has no answers). I recently went to a Sensory Integration Conference and walked away with some suggestions. However, I would welcome any others. Note: It is not from dry skin or allergies. Anyone with sensory knowledge/neurological background may be able to help. If you have heard of such a condition, please help!! Thank you, Cheryl


Dr. Steven Kairys Replied: Hopefully this will lessen with age, but would she do better in a cold room- cold sheets- less covering her- anything to reduce tactile sensations or to tamp down the environement-- it is almost like restless leg syndrome that also is worse right before sleep
Posted On 2009-09-21 11:15:07
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