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I know baby's cry a alot, but our newborn (6 day old) baby has cried through the night and all morning. The only thing that seems to keep her from crying is her pasifier and feeding. We've noticed she is not burping much during the feedings. Could this be part of the problem?


Charlotte Cowan, M.D. Replied: Newborn babies present many challenges to their parents and one of the most difficult is what their crying means.

Most importantly, a crying newborn who has cried through the night and the morning needs to be seen--or at least you need to call into your pediatrician's office for advice.

Your doctor (or her nurse) is there to help with precisely this kind of question. Your baby is counting on you to ask for help when you need it, and pediatricians far prefer to be called than to have you sit at home and worry. Newborns can get sick fast and they need you to speak up for them!!

I cannot begin to answer your question specifically because I do not know you or your baby's birth history or whether you are breast or bottle feedning. All of these factors play a role in how much a baby might cry.

Having said that, yes indeed, babies like to be burped while feeding. Bottle fed babies do well to be burped at about every ounce and breast fed babies at least when you change from one breast to the other.

I hope this helps, but again I strongly urge you to call your pediatrician today if you have not already done so!
Then you can stop worrying and get back to delighting in your new baby! Congratulations to your family!!!

Posted On 2008-11-25 07:42:28
Jill Wodnick Replied: it is absolutely imperative to feed your baby at night. Your baby, up until 18-20 weeks old, has what is considered an immature digestion system. Please educate yourself on how vitally important it is to meet your baby's biological needs immediately. Your baby must get fed at night or risks dehydration and other health issues. Please read The Baby Book by Dr. Sears, MD and The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp, MD. Thank you for writing in, your baby is desperately trying to connect with you adn your instints as a mother
Posted On 2008-11-24 10:27:37
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