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How can I get my child to listen to me at bed time? Shes 8 years old


Sondra Drahos Replied: Bedtime is always a challenge, but getting plenty of sleep is, as you know, quite important. Children her age need around 10 hours of sleep each night. Talk with your daughter during the day about the night time routine. Explain to her that you want to make it easier for her (and less stressful for you) and have her tell you what's not working and ask how you can help. Make sure you stick to a routine that works for the both of you and be consistent with it. Giving children plenty of warning ("Ten more minutes until the lights have to go out.") is always helpful too. If you can, sit down on the edge of her bed while she's laying down and spend a few quality eye-to-eye moments with her. Oftentimes, kids misbehave or try to push the limit because their need for attention hasn't been met. Even though she's already 8-years-old, she may need more physical affection, or even a few pages from a book read aloud to her before turning off the lights.
Posted On 2009-11-18 01:25:31
Judy Molland Replied: I'm assuming your question means that your child refuses to go to bed when you want her to. Is it because she is still wound up? In that case, first make sure that all electronics and other stimulating activities stop at least an hour before bedtime. Some other tips: set a schedule and stick to it; spend one-on-one time with your child at bedtime reading or just chatting about the day (even older children like this); get rid of any clutter around your child's bed so that she is not distracted; reward her for following directions. You can also get help: parents can trade off is bedtime is especially difficult, and/or you could also hire a sitter once or twice a week to help out. Good luck!
Posted On 2008-11-08 10:11:02
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