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Do you offer information about age appropriate television programming?


Paul F. Davis Replied: Based on the formative development of each child, the morals you are trying to impart, the path you are trying to direct and predetermine; you will intuitively know what is appropriate for him or her to watch. Trust your parental instincts.

Posted On 2010-06-07 06:26:15
Maureen Whitehouse Replied: Yes! Since I've worked in the media for a number of years - I am passionate about this issue. My CD sereies Conscious Parenting addresses it at length.
Posted On 2008-11-05 09:56:14
Mary Larson Replied: The easiest way to monitor for age appropriate tv is to use the V-chip, which is installed in all TVs manufactured after 2000. You must activate it to make it work on your tv. Read the instruction manual that came with the tv, or find the manual online to find out how to activate it. This seems to require least parental effort to set up and get enforced. You can also activate parental controls, which require you to choose programs and/or broadcast channels you want to block. All of the broadcast shows are rated by TvY, TvY7,all the way to TvM (for mature audiences) and also content ratings such as FV for fantasy violence. Using these ratings, you set up the controls on the TV set or sets you want to. These are the electronic devices I know of to choose age appropriate tv programming. It's also wise to have the kids' tv in a place where you can easily eavesdrop. If they watch tv while you cook supper, it's valuable if they are close enough to you that you can multitask, and monitor what they are watching. Once you get to video games and the Internet, there are also controls you can use, but they are separate from the two above.
Posted On 2008-10-30 13:52:32
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