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Please help, I'm desperate! My 6 yr old son is being treated for ADD. He is a smart child and his behavior has changed over the past couple of weeks. The dr has changed his meds but I'm wondering if there could be more issues than just ADD. At the 1st of the school year, he was excited about his new class, etc. He done his homework very quickly and was able to go play afterwards. Now, I can't even make him do his homework. I've tried everything I know to try. We've talked to him, set timers, made games out of it, spanked him, grounded him, took away toys, etc. NOTHING is working! Not only has his behavior changed in his homework, but he won't get dressed anymore. He just sits there looking into space. I can call his name and say "Please go get your shoes." He'll get up and go to his room, then a few minutes later after he doesn't return, I'll go check on him. I'll find him playing. I don't know if he's forgotten what to do from the living room to his bedroom, or if he is just being rebellious and disobedient. When we eat supper, the rest of the family is done eating before he even gets started good. Showers take him forever. His teacher says it takes him a good 30 minutes to write his 5 spelling words down on paper, once. I am so tired, and I don't know what to do. How do I know if it's an ADD issue or just a behavior issue and he's trying to push us to our limits? Any advise or suggestion would be great! I've thought of taking him to another doctor, but our pediatrician is the best in this area. I would have to go out of state...and I don't even know what to say....other than "something's wrong with him!" Please help.


Charlotte Cowan, M.D. Replied: Two things are clear from your question: your son has behavioral problems, and you as his parents are trying your absolute best to help him. The behaviors you describe sound to me to be related to his diagnosis and/or to his medication. I strongly recommend that you return to his pediatrician to discuss the behavioral changes you are seeing; you might ask whether a referral to a specialist is possible. This child is not rebelling and does not need to be punished; he needs the utmost support and comfort and reassurance until this is straightened out. Please follow your instincts to obtain professional help! He is lucky to have in you parents who care so much. Best of luck!
Posted On 2008-10-05 09:58:42
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