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My 7 year old is in 2nd grade. We are having issues getting his homework done in a timely manner. He can take an assignment that I KNOW he could do in 30 minutes, and turn it into a 3 hour ordeal! Please help me teach him how to do his work and get it done. I've tried explaining to him that the sooner he gets his work done, the sooner he will be able to have play time. I don't want to rush him to the point that his work is sloppy or he makes mistakes. But his homework has become a very dreaded thing at our household, not because of the work, but because of how long he makes it last.


Judy Molland Replied: It does sound as if your son might be playing a control game, by deliberately dragging out his homework time. But taking an excessive amount of time to complete homework can also be an indication that your child needs help, so before jumping to conclusions, make sure there is not some other issue going on. You can do this by contacting his teacher, asking her advice about homework and comparing the time he takes at home and at school on similar work. Whatever is going on, talking to your son's teacher is a good place to begin figuring it out.
Posted On 2008-08-18 23:41:17
D. Kristine Manley Replied: You are obviously confident in your son and that's great. If I may encourage you and your family to do is not act like your son's homework time is a dreaded thing even if that is the way the family's feelings appear at that time - this is easier said than done, I know. If you are not already, sit down with your son to assist him with his homework; ask him if there are certain subject areas that he enjoys better than others. He may take longer for subjects he does not enjoy. More importantly, let him know that as he continues through school there will be time limits for some of his work such as for taking tests or writing essays - if he is not finished in time with his assignment the teacher will take up his unfinished work and he will not receive a passing grade. Let him know that time is important as well as the quality of his homework. To assist him in honing his time management, put a time limit on how long he should take to do his homework - don't allow him to drag it out. All the success to you and your son!
Posted On 2008-08-17 11:19:56
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