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Can a mother who is breast feeding smoke marijuana once in awhile?


Jill Wodnick Replied: Dear One, The impact of marijuana on breast milk has been researched by several sources. Due to the impact on breastmilk, no mother should nurse when smoking. There is an immediate and long term tranmission to the milk, lungs and baby.
Posted On 2008-08-12 15:01:44
Janet Price Replied: First, I want to congratulate you on your decision to breast feed. This is a wonderful gift to both your baby and you, for a number of reasons, including the unique nutritional value of breast milk, bonding and attachment, and even future speech development. Your question is a tough one. I am assuming that you want to smoke to help you relax. The biggest concern I would have is that the information and research that is available on the affects of marijuana to the adult brain are mixed. Much of the research is not positive regarding damage to the brain, especially for long-term use. And I do not know if any research has been done on the affects of exposure to martijuana through breast milk on an infant's brain. So my advice is to try and find other ways to encourage relaxation that does not put your baby in any potential danger while you are nursing. Some suggestions include relaxing music, yoga, meditation, exercise, talking with a friend or partner, reading a good book. Best wishes as you find an alternative that is soothing to you.
Posted On 2008-07-21 09:47:38
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