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My daughter is 9 1/2 and has hair on her upper lip. Our neighbor, who is the same age, also has upper lip hair but her mother waxes it off. The neighbor told my daughter about the waxing and said it hurts. My daughter told me about it. My daughter has not asked me to do her face and does not seem bothered by the upper lip hair. I think 9 years old is too young to wax, but if my daughter asks about it what should I do?


Tina Nocera Replied: I agree with you that nine is too young to wax, and applaud your sensitivity to your daughter.

When and if she asks you to do something about it, you can discuss options with her. More importantly, take this opportunity to discuss with your daughter how decisions are made. She can choose to make a change, when it is discussed with you. IF it is her decision that something makes her uncomfortable, but not when someone else suggests that she needs to change something.

This will set the stage for her in the very important tween and teen years to come.
Posted On 2008-07-13 16:59:40
debbie mandel Replied: Tell your daughter that she is lovely inside and out. Explain to her that hormones are starting to transform her into a woman which means both androgens and estrogen. Help her to find a creative outlet, or encourage an activity which fortifies her individuality and helps her to feel good about herself. Too often little girls are criticized about weight and other physical features when they are still actively growing and developing minds, hearts and bodies. Your neighbor probably meant well, but was out of line for making your daughter feel uncomfortable about a physiological process. She has plenty of time to get rid of facial hair, if she needs to do so. At 9 1/2 it's her time to experience and enjoy childhood. Give her a hug and tell her she is good enough!
Posted On 2008-03-26 15:03:03
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