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Mi nice is sixteen years old. She is so quiet and she doesn't want to go to parties or go to the movies with her friends. what should i do?


Naomi Drew Replied: Maybe your neice is better off not going to parties. Kids her age are sometimes exposed to lots of things they shouldn't be at these parties. Does she have interests? Does she have at least one or two friends whose company she enjoys? If so, she's probably fine. She might just be shy by nature. Why don't you try taking her out and doing something fun together. See if she'll open up to you. There may be something on her mind, or she may just be a quiet kid. Having a great relationship with her aunt sounds like something that could be very helpful to her.
Posted On 2009-09-22 09:48:23
Jim Taylor, Ph.D. Replied: You don't offer a ton of information to base my response on, so I will be asking more questions than I will be answers (of which you should ask the same questions). Why doesn't she go out? Is she painfully shy and uncomfortable or afraid of being around people? Does she seem unhappy about her lack of socializing (is she sad about it or talk of wishing she was more social)? Or is she just an introvert who doesn't have such strong social needs (not a problem itself)? Does she have close friends? Does she show commitment and do well in school, sports, or other activities? Is she in an environment (i.e., school or other activities) where she has opportunities for informal socializing? If she has expressed concern about her lack of social life with her parents or you, then you could explore the above questions with her. If not, let her be. She may simply not be interested in that type of socializing and may prefer other types of activities or interactions.
Posted On 2008-03-21 11:33:43
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