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My eight year old is still wetting himself during the day. It seems to be when he is anxious or occupied with the computer. He also still wets at night so we walk him in the wee hours. He also chews on his shirt when throughout the day.


Brenda Nixon, M.A. Replied: Enuresis (or wetting) is common in childhood and can spontaneously occur until the age of 12. You're a good detective and have found its origin "anxious or occupied." These triggers cause your son to loose control. You can work with him on feeling more relaxed and expressing his emotions, which may relieve the daytime problem. At night, he's a sound sleeper and his body doesn't feel the release. You're right to wake him in the wee hours. There are some devices you can purchase that will help your son's body recognize the releasing of urine and wake him. You can also set an alarm clock in the middle of the night so he must arouse enough to turn it off and that may remind him to go to the bathroom before going back to sleep.
Posted On 2009-01-13 08:10:58
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