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My daughter 14 yrs of age wants to date a 16 yr old. Her beef is that he's just turning 16 this week. Her birthday is 2-2-93, which means she won't be 15 until next Feb. What are acceptable age difference in dating?


Mark Viator Replied: I can relate to your situation. My daughter is 14 and will also turn 15. Her birthday is very close,2-3-93. The really big question is not so much about difference in ages, but about the type of person this young man is. If you feel that he is a trustworthy and respectful person, then this age difference really may not be that big of an issue. Take some time and talk to her about what she likes about this young man. While 16 to 18 months apart is a good bit of difference, if they do share a lot of the same likes, hobbies, etc.., then the difference in age is really not that important. If you feel that your daughter is mature enough to have a boyfriend, then set some boundaries for her dating, monitor it, and give her, as well as this young man, a chance. Good Luck
Posted On 2007-08-22 07:27:50
Annie Fox, M. Ed. Replied: Sounds like they're more than two and a half years apart. At this age, he's too old for her. You obviously feel that way too or you wouldn't have written. You don't like this idea and it's triggering a red flag inside you. I agree with you and probably for the same reasons. Young teen girls who date older guys are much more likely to find themselves pressured into sexual situations. You don't need me to tell you that. That's the reality whether you daughter believes it or not. Your gut is telling you loud and clear "He's too old for her." Listen to your gut. Will your daughter be happy with your decision? Clearly not. Will she bug you to change your mind? Count on it. Is any of that enough to cause you to waffle? I sure hope not. Your job is to protect your daughter. Part of that job is not letting her get in over her head. I hope this helps. In friendship, Annie
Posted On 2007-05-31 21:34:38
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