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How do I know if full day kindergarten is better for my child than half day kindergarten? Half day is 2.5 hours all day is 6.0 hours. Are there any parents or teachers that have had experience with both full day and half day?


Dr. Georgianna Duarte Replied: Your question is an excellent one. The quality of all day kindergartens vary across the nation. It is important to first visit, observe, and ask questions about each program. There is an excellent resource through Association for the Education of Young Children:, and association of child education international, www.acei. Both have tip sheets, and guides how to determine if the Kindergarten program is of high quality. Quality factors include: 1) child centered curriculum, 2) safe and appropriate environment, 3) Stimulating, and challenging activities, 4) parent involvement, 5) teacher education, 6) social and emotional climate. Visit the program, ask for information. Ask questions about each of the criteria,and spend time. The early years as we all know are the foundation for learning. Good luck.
Posted On 2007-02-22 10:28:08
Pamela Waterman Replied: I'm the parent of three children, and also volunteered one day a week in the kindergarten of a parent-cooperative school. There are two main aspects to consider here: physical and developmental. If your child still needs a nap, stick with half-day. Tired children are in no mood to learn, share or interact with others. On the other hand, my children were all high energy and stopped naps by age 2, so full-day was a great outlet for their energy. The developmental questions are, Do they already know their alphabet, numbers, colors, animals and other basics? Are they full of curiousity, such that they are ready to learn more? If so, they're probably up to the challenge of four or five "centers" of learning and projects each day. If they're not sure of the basics, half-day would be the perfect way to let them gain confidence in each of this topics, then have time for unstructured play at home and with friends in the neighborhood.
Posted On 2007-02-22 00:44:42
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