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I have two boys who always speak very loudly,they are six and eight years old.I have had hearing tests done.How can I teach them to speak a bit quieter? (Each one is given time to talk so they don't have to feel they are competing).


Dr. Steven Kairys Replied: Don't respond the loud talking- Respond with a lot of praise to more normal tones. Remind them each day about what your expectations are when things are calm and everyone has the time to interact.
Posted On 2006-03-23 10:51:59
Mark Viator Replied: Loud talking and young boys just seem to go together. It is very natural for boys, particularly young boys, to be loud. However,when this behavior carries over to all conversations and in multiple settings, it is time to check it out. The first thing is to assess where did they learn this behavior. Did they pick it up by observing you and your spouse in a conversation? Is your family the type that just naturally speaks loud? If this is the case, then by role modeling the expected quiet talking could solve the problem. If this is not the case, then it is time for some behavior modification. You have already ruled out that it is not a hearing problem. So, it is a behavioral problem. Set up a clear rule for each child. The rule should center around each child speaking in a clear and reasonable tone. Word the rule so that they can understand it and then give them an example of what you expect. Speak to them in the desired volume. Next, let each child know that if they begin to speak loudly or yell, then he will loose a privelege for the next 24 hours for doing so. Let them know what the privelege will be. Begin to monitor for this behavior. It will not take them long to understand that speaking loudly will not get them the attention that they desire. It is important to stick to this rule for several weeks. Be consistent with it. Also, role model the desired behavior. Since this behavior is a learned behavior, your sons will be able to unlearn the loud talking and replace it with the appropriate behavior.
Posted On 2005-11-14 16:13:22
Penny Warner Replied: Make it a game by spending ten or fifteen minutes talking as quietly as possible. When they get too loud, remind them to use their "indoor voices." Model the behavior by keeping your own voice quiet and they'll soon follow your example.
Posted On 2005-11-14 10:23:03
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