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what books do you reccomend to read to a 5 month old


Trish Booth, MA Replied: Five-month old babies explore the world with their fingers and mouths as well as their eyes. That means its best to choose books that can accommodate this normal behavior. In addition, the books should be easy for you and your baby to hold. Because a baby's attention span is short, books only need to have a few pages. Colorful drawings and simple photographs are the most appealing. Because babies aren't interested in a plot, you can easily supply words and sounds if there isn't a simple text or rhyme. You can also point out and name the objects on the page, preparing for the time your baby will be able to point to the objects you name. Reading times that are short, interactive, and playful foster an enjoyment of books as well as provide an important step in your child's learning how to read. Types of books to look for: • Small, sturdy board books with colorful drawings or photographs. These often have "My First," "Baby's First," or "Touch and Feel" in the title. • Cloth or plastic books. Many of these are simple versions of board books and familiar favorites like Peter Rabbit or Winnie-the-Pooh. • "Soft Shapes" books in a textured, rubber-like material. The shapes can be removed from the pages and explored.
Posted On 2005-06-30 13:36:03
Pamela Waterman Replied: What a great time to start reading out loud while holding baby! For this age, I love the photo books with lots of faces. Try the Super Chubby series from Simon & Schuster: the four titles Mommy and Me, Daddy and Me, Grandma and Me, and Grandpa and Me (all by Neil Ricklen,) have been absolute favorites in our family; try as well all their Baby titles (Baby's clothes, Baby's Toys, etc..) Another visual book is Baby Faces (a Look Baby! Book) by Margaret Miller (Simon & Schuster.) Since babies respond to rhythm, it's also a good time for a simple nursery rhyme "chubby" book such as My Little Library of Classic Nursery Rhymes: A Delightful Collection of Twelve Enchanting Nursery Rhymes (My Little Library Board Books) by Vincent Douglas ((School Specialty Publishing; Board edition (January 1, 2001)( or the larger but charming My Very First Mother Goose by Iona Opie (Editor), Rosemary Wells (Illustrator)(Candlewick Press)
Posted On 2005-06-29 00:24:23
Sally Goldberg, Ph.D. Replied: This is the best time for nursery rhymes. It is also a good time for simple story books with simple pictures and one or two line sentences. Board books are great too. Pat the Bunny is an old time favorite. I would start with that and then look for other books that are similar to it. The main idea behind reading at this stage is connecting with your baby. Read words and point out pictures as part of an interaction and connection process. Be sure to refer to Baby and Toddler Learning Fun published by Perseus Books to learn how to make your own personalized reading books for your baby. Enjoy!
Posted On 2005-06-28 20:11:19
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