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What is the Good Parentingcm mark? There are over 29 thousand parenting books, 16 million parenting websites, 4 million parenting ‘how-to’ videos and countless parenting magazines on the market today.

In consideration of a parent’s limited amount of time and money, it is difficult to sort through the various media for advice. What is helpful, and what is hype?

Parental Wisdom® has been awarded the Good Parentingcm certification mark by the U.S. Patent office to resolve this issue by reviewing and recommending media that will be helpful to parents. Our goal is to help families identify quality parenting educational material in support of their efforts in raising children.

True to the Parental Wisdom® methodology, the objective is to evaluate the directness and helpfulness of the content, not to judge the message.

Parental Wisdom® will use the collective, practical expertise of its members to review media. The material under review will be classified by age and/or topic. For example:

  • Communication
    • Family
    • School
    • Toddler
    • Teen
  • Nutrition
    • Family
    • Toddler
    • Teen
  • Family Issues
    • Divorce
    • Loss, etc.
  • Others

As part of our review process, we call on a wealth of talented volunteer parents from across the country to review books, websites, how-to-videos, CDs and DVDs to ensure the materials are helpful to parents.

If you would like to participate, sign up for our Good Parentingcm evaluation team. You will receive occasional e-mails or phone calls from Parental Wisdom staffers, based on your profile to ensure we are reaching parents with related experiences.

To participate, you must be a Parental Wisdom member (which is free) and your membership profile is updated. To update your profile:

  1. Begin with the Member Login on the home page. You will be brought to your question page.
  2. Click My Profile (top right)
  3. You must enter your current password
  4. Add children and ages
  5. Scroll down and check all interest areas
  6. Submit changes and your profile is updated.
  7. Finally, email us at

Your information will NEVER be shared with anyone.

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